The Sleeping Prince
Published Mobile Game Port

A physics based platformer built in Unity3D and published for iOS. It was then ported to Android and Amazon.


The Sleeping Prince was a game already published to the iOS store and we were tasked with managing the ports to Amazon and Android apps. It's a mobile physics-based platformer where you progress through the levels by flinging around the prince, who has been put under a spell that put in a sleep which he cannot wake from. This presented many issues such as keeping social features consistent as well as managing the different platform regulations

  • Implemented platform-specific features like hardware buttons for Android devices to fulfill the Android App specs in order to be Featured

  • Integrated Facebook SDK to allow the game to utilize the social platform to invite others on Android

  • Created Android plugins to fill in functionality that was lost in the port from iOS

  • Worked with publisher to fix pre-existing bugs that were negatively affecting community opinion

  • Group Size: 3
  • Role: Interoperability Programmer
  • Date: August 2015