An in-app rating plugin for Unity3D for use in HoloLens applications. Allows users to rate the app in the context of a 3D space.

Super Dungeon Bros

A procedurally-generated, cross-platform, dungeon brawler built in Unity3D. Wield weapons with friends against an onslaught of foes to see if you can overcome the challenges that await.

The Sleeping Prince

A physics based platformer built in Unity3D and published for iOS. It was then ported to Android and Amazon.


An online tug-of-war arena built in Unity3D where Lycans are pitted against Monks. Prototype inherited from another group and remastered.


A procedurally-generated horror game built in Unity3D for the Oculus Rift. It's very easy to get lost in dungeons that don't obey the laws of Euclidean space.


A Raymarching solution built in C++ that uses OpenCL, QT, and a custom scripting language to allow users to animate and view abstract mathematical structures.

C++ Game Engine

A game engine built from scratch in C++. It features a custom Enity-Component System and many pipelines and tools, namely OpenGL rendering and binary asset packaging.


A procedurally-generated dungeon crawler built in C# and XNA. With magic and monsters, there are a nearly infinite number of floors to explore.

Milo's Misadventures

A published mobile game for Android built in Unity3D. It features puzzles in a active setting and led by simple controls.


A card game that is heavily based on the card game War. It was designed entirely in our team and underwent many cycles of playtesting.


An application built in Java that demonstrates the properties of sound waves such as: pitch, timbre, construction interference, and destructive interference.