Super Dungeon Bros
Cross-Platform Dungeon Brawler

A procedurally-generated, cross-platform, dungeon brawler built in Unity3D. Wield weapons with friends against an onslaught of foes to see if you can overcome the challenges that await.


Super Dungeon Bros is a cross platform, rock themed, co-op dungeon brawler where a band of mighty rock bros must navigate the medieval fantasy realm of Rökheim and its hellish dungeons to seek out epic loot, fight hordes of evil undead and uncover the legends of long lost fabled Rock Stars!

  • Built in Unity3D for Steam, PS4, XBOne, and Windows 10

  • Created items’ functions as well as tools for the shop

  • Developed emote system for players to communicate in-game fitting to a call-and-response design

  • Created audio synchronization powered by Google Drive to allow easier localization and separation of concerns between programmers and sound designers

  • Managed interoperability for Windows 10 platform and inclusion of Xbox Live Services early in UAP exposure

  • Wrote status effect system to automatically visually demonstrate statuses on entities

  • Group Size: 25
  • Role: Gameplay Engineer
  • Date: September 2015