Party Card Game

A card game that is heavily based on the card game War. It was designed entirely in our team and underwent many cycles of playtesting.


Neodapters is a fast-paced card game similar to War but with a catch in that cards are variable in their value. There are two types of cards in Neodapters: creatures and fields. Creatures are sent to battle to determine which player wins that battle. Fields determine which attributes of the creatures are to be tested. These attributes include strength, speed, intelligence, tenacity, any many combinations thereof. There is always a field card in play and players can change the field during play. By winning a battle, a player gains all creature cards involved to go towards their points. The player with the most points at the end of play wins.

  • Followed through the playtesting process for many iterations

  • Designed the background card graphics and card layout

  • Created an application which allowed the easy creation of cards in WPF

  • Group Size: 5
  • Role: Card Creator
  • Date: June 2014