Milo's Misadventures
Simple Mobile Forced Runner

A published mobile game for Android built in Unity3D. It features puzzles in a active setting and led by simple controls.


Milo's Misadventures is a mobile game which revolves around one single game mechanic: swiping. Depending on the direction of your swipe and where you are currently, it could send you rocketing forward, jumping up, or stopping just in time to not hit the wall right in front of your face. With mechanics that flow well together but can be made into a fast swiping run, Milo's Misadventure is a fun-filled journey that players of all ages can enjoy.

  • Built in Unity with C# unity scripts

  • Created the input recognition system for taps and swipes

  • Set-up initial game logic and movement types

  • Programmed interactions with most objects

  • Group Size: 4
  • Role: Team Lead
  • Date: December 2014