Online Battle Arena

An online tug-of-war arena built in Unity3D where Lycans are pitted against Monks. Prototype inherited from another group and remastered.


Lycan is an online battle arena game where Lycans and Monks are set against each other. This project has been passed through many teams. When it had reached ours, it was in rough shape as far as the codebase went. Our team reprogrammed the entire game so that it could be expanded upon as well as make much needed network optimizations.

  • Built in Unity3D

  • Recreated entire game engine to function efficiently and be expandable in a networked environment

  • Created Modular ability system to allow quick design of character types and paradigms

  • Formed base game behavior and Event-Driven system to reduce code duplication in creating new gamemodes

  • Synchronized all interactions over the network

  • Set up player drop-in, drop-out, and host swapping

  • Group Size: 6
  • Role: Network Engineer
  • Date: February 2015