HoloLens Rating Plugin

An in-app rating plugin for Unity3D for use in HoloLens applications. Allows users to rate the app in the context of a 3D space.


HoloRated is a set of functionality for Unity to assist in the development of apps and games on Microsoft's HoloLens by supplying a springboard for getting user feedback. As HoloLens is a new platform, it is very important to get feedback from users and the tried-and-true modal dialog box doesn't work when in an immersive 3D environment. HoloRater supplies developers a backbone for feedback dialog boxes in 3D based on Unity's event system in order to keep everything in the Unity Editor with minimal scripting to add more functionality -- keeping it friendly to all no matter their coding knowlege.

  • Built in Unity3D

  • Event driven and fully customizable for those who don't have previous programming knowledge

  • Group Size: 2
  • Role: Lead Developer
  • Date: May 2016