Procedurally Generated Dungeon Crawler

A procedurally-generated dungeon crawler built in C# and XNA. With magic and monsters, there are a nearly infinite number of floors to explore.


Brogue is a rogue-like game that features an endless series of levels. Each level is randomly generated with its own boons, enemies, and features. The player starts play by picking one of 3 classes which grant aptitude to several different weapons. As the player levels up, they can branch out into new classes from the original 3 that grant new abilities and attribute bonuses. One wrong move can result in your death, in which case, it’s back to the beginning.

  • Built in C# using XNA Framework

  • Implemented A* pathfinding for enemy logic as well as ability targeters

  • Devised a room-based random generation scheme

  • Created the interfacing container of all game objects and their interactions

  • Group Size: 6
  • Role: Game Engineer
  • Date: March 2014